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Monday, January 21, 2013

Down on the Corner

This is what comes of watching Disney’s
Alice in Wonderland – especially the part

about the Walrus and the Carpenter – then
letting your mind wander unsupervised…
If you hate puns, better avoid this one.

Five little ducklings walked the line
Behind their mama duck.
They zigged around some traffic
Then they zagged behind a truck.
With slow erratic waddling
They crossed against the light
And didn’t make the other side –
They just weren’t very bright.

There was down on the corner;
There was blood in the streets!
They were left without a comforter
To warm their webby feets.

Soon the FBI was summoned
To investigate the crime.
News reports surmised that Mama
Would be doing heavy time.
There were questions of insurance;
There were claims of false arrest.
Lawyers said Ma was abusive –
All the ducklings squealed when pressed!

Did the law take too much license?
Were their ducks not in a row?
Did some chef defile the crime scene?
Evidence was just so-so...

Merely down on the corner,
Crumbled quackers in the street;
All the bills were sent to Donald.
Mama couldn’t take the heat
So she fled south of the border
Though it’s hotter there, I think;
Now she’s in the soup for sure
And it’s a bit too hot to drink.

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