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Friday, January 18, 2013

Dogged by the Curse 19

Miss Devin blushed. “No, he doesn’t.”

She and Benedict reached the square
In the center of Vaxen. And
As they did, Simon Chase stepped
From his tobacconist shop, stopped
To look at them and then, smiling,
Began walking toward the two.

“Not all wolves live in the forest,”
Benedict warned. “See that sinner?
Trust me on this – steer clear of him.
Forgive me for my sacrilege,
But I pray the wolf would take him!
Vaxen would be the better for it.”

Chase barred their way with a huge smile.
He took Miss Devin’s hand in his
And made a show of kissing it.
“Good day, Father. And who might this
Fetching young woman be? Perhaps
Our priest was once a normal man,
Tempted by the lusts of the flesh,
Who thus became a true father?”

Benedict stepped between Chase and
Miss Devin. “Were I her father,
I would have moved her far from you.”

Chase continued to smile. “Really,
Benedict, you get so worked up!”
Then to the girl he said, “Long ago
Harm befell the Father’s brother.
T’was a terrible accident,
One for which he blames me, although
I had nothing to do with it.
I find it quite unchristian that
A man of the cloth should harbor
Such violent hate toward me,
When all Vaxen knows I am blameless.”

Benedict’s eyes widened in rage.
“BLAMELESS? The devil himself will   
Find mercy at the throne of God
Long before you, you blasphemer!
The taint upon your soul is like
The Mark of Cain, placed upon you
By the Lord Himself. Like a bloody
Hound from hell it will track your
Wayward soul, running you to ground
Until the day you breathe your last
And it drags your worthless carcass
To its eternal damnation!”

Chase gazed at Benedict’s red face
With amusement. “Were your sermons
As fiery, all of Vaxen would
Have found salvation long ago.”
Then to Miss Devin he said, “I
Shall make your acquaintance again,
Miss… perhaps in better company.”
Then off he strode about his business.

“Not all wolves live in the forest,”
Benedict repeated to her
As they watched Chase go. “And that one
Is the most dangerous of all.”

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