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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dog Collared (aka Newton’s Dog Chases Schrödinger's Cat)

The puppy begins the experiment.
Its floppy ears and floppy tongue
Whip wildly like streamers in a gale
As it bounds furiously toward the cat.
An overweight scientist lurches awkwardly behind it,
Increasingly aware that two legs
Are less efficient than four…
And that the cat appears
Less threatened by his approach than the dog’s.
At last he stops, hunched over,
Both hands on his knees and
Wheezing loudly as his spaniel
Closes on its spectral prey.

At last the cat streaks up a tree trunk.
The spaniel braces its front paws
Against the trunk,
Defiantly daring the little bugger
To face it in a fair fight.
Dr. Wheezer sees his chance.
He creeps slowly toward the tree
(Slowly is the only speed he has left)
And dives for the end of the leash
Not attached to the dog.

At that very moment the spaniel
Spies a second cat on the ground…
Or is it the same cat?
While Dr. Wheezer ponders this paradox,
Physics take over as
An immovable owner meets
An irresistible desire for catburger.
Dr. Wheezer’s shoulders ache from the jerk
And Puppy’s rear end rapidly orbits
Its front end.
Both bodies are now at rest,
A state of inertia greatly appreciated
By Dr. Wheezer.

Schrödinger's Cat may or may not still be in the tree.
Newton’s First Law of Motion asserts that
A puppy in motion tends to remain in motion
Until acted on by an external owner’s force.
However, the puppy conserves no energy
During its enthusiastic licking
Of Dr. Wheezer’s face.

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