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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Avada Kedavra (aka Delusions of Grandeur)

Avada Kedavra is “The Killing Curse”
In the Harry Potter books.

The empty cartridge somersaults
Slowly from the gun,
Its hollow echo ringing off the concrete
As it dances across the floor.
The victim, far less gracefully,
Is slammed against the wall
Before collapsing in a lifeless heap.
The shooter runs.
Flashing lights on a black and white
Sparkle like red stars
Against the cloudless blue sky,
An oversized bloodhound
Running its prey to ground.
Finally cornered, the shooter turns
On his pursuers;
The confrontation is loud and messy.
Media outlets flood the scene;
Coverage causes a war of ratings
And three bestselling books.

Two hundred years ago,
A gun was a tool primarily used
For feeding and clothing families.
One hundred years ago,
A gun was a weapon primarily used
For killing cops and gangsters.
A gun is a magic wand primarily used
For winning arguments
When “Oh yeah?” is insufficient.

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