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Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Hymn (

With Thanksgiving coming later this week,
I chose to write a hymn of thanks.
Hymns are often written using
A metrical index – a number showing
The syllable pattern of the verse.
This allows the same lyrics to be used
With different tunes. For this poem I chose, which is
The pattern for Martin Luther's
A Mighty Fortress Is Our God.

Thanksgiving is a waste, some claim;
There is no God to pray to.
Faith is a scapegoat that they blame
For evils man is prey to.
They see our troubled earth
And question what faith's worth
When mankind is in pain,
Each day seems more insane,
And they don't see God acting.

Sometimes we lay awake at night;
We feel so persecuted.
Nothing in life is going right;
Our hopes are all uprooted.
Laid bare, our deepest fears
Bring each of us to tears
And drive us to despair;
So sure that no one cares,
We question His existence.

As hopelessness engulfs our world
And we fear God won't hear us…
Though our emotions rage and swirl,
One simple truth should cheer us:
We may not have much say
About our lives today…
Life may spurn our control
But God still holds our souls.
He won't let life destroy us.

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