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Monday, November 5, 2012

Eleusis (aka Arrival)

A song to be sung by the initiates
as they accompany Persephone
on her journey to reunite with her
mother, Demeter, at Eleusis during
the Eleusinian Mysteries.

Blow, Pramnian, blow! Carry our spirits
Safely to the bosom of Demeter
Where all our fortunes lie; where there awaits,
At journey’s end, the rebirth of our hope.

Dear child, allowed at last to lift your face
And feel the warmth of sunlight once again:
Committed to the ghostly world below
By powers not your own, come join with us.

Great mother, joyful countenance aglow:
Now robed in white, we come from night below
To this, the place where you in darkness mourn,
Sojourners with the daughter you await.

Reunion, sweet reunion of the two!
Long-parted by the dealings of the gods;
With our arrival, this deceit is done.
Revive us with the bounty of your love.

Bless us, the ones who guide your daughter home;
Bless us, our land, our rulers, and our days.
Accept our offerings; let us share your joy
And die no more…

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