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Monday, October 29, 2012


It's been a while since I tried a poem like this;
Mrs. Cain was the last one. The Watchers,
According to the Book of Enoch, were 200 angels
Who fathered giants with earth women;
That's the main reason God flooded the earth.
As an aside, I suspect this is where writers
Got the idea for the Watchers in the Highlander TV series.

Just another in a series of poor decisions, eh?
Cast out of heaven by an ill-planned rebellion,
Cast out of hope by the promise of a woman's seed,
You set your hearts on a scheme for revenge
And your sights on the easiest prey.

Two hundred in number,
You banded together and nicknamed yourselves "the Watchers."
Was it funny, an in-joke of sorts –
The Peeping Toms of the spirit world,
Demonic gigolos cruising humanity,
A band on the run,
A band on the make,
Deceiving its women again?

So how did you do it?
Did you target first the curviest,
The roundest,
The sexiest,
The ones most likely to be envied by the rest?
Did you show up as Fabio,
James Bond,
The rock stars of the age
And whisk them away to exotic locales?
Did you bathe them in rich perfumes
And rare aphrodisiacs,
Drug them to believe that no human lover could ever measure up to you?
And after you knocked them all up
Did you go to the "other" girls –
The insecure, gullible,
Willing-to-do-anything-to-be-popular girls –
And drop the charade?
Did you claim to be gods…
Or vampires or werewolves…
And let Twilight fall
Over every last woman on Earth?
Did you find yourself with
A billion Bellas screaming to be turned?
So many women, so little time!
And all of them blissfully unaware you were
Polluting their bodies,
Polluting their DNA,
Polluting the whole human race…
For eventually all of these women would die
And your half-breeds be left in their place.
How can the seed of a human woman
Be born if no woman alive
Is fully human?

In the meantime
You bred like little demonic rabbits…
And the women were proud
To have borne demigods
Instead of mere mortals.

Your plan was bold, I'll give you that,
And monstrous in its scope.
I can't conceive of a hate so deep.
But the monsters you conceived
Were more than God could overlook…
So He made sure that,
When the waters broke,
Your children drowned in the afterbirth.
Then He locked you away in the Abyss,
A solitary confinement for sex offenders
Such as you, and chained you so
You can't even pleasure yourself.
And now, with nothing to do and no one to watch,
The joke's on you.

And yet, hideous as this tale may be,
I can relate in one small way:
I guess humans aren't the only ones
Who find sex a hard temptation to resist.

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