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Monday, October 8, 2012

Martian Love Song

Little lime men cruise an ancient red planet
Feeling so lucky and looking for fun
Smiling and flirting with little jade women
Glowing like gems in the dim summer sun

Strutting like starshine, hoping they sparkle
Giggling and gaming a date for the night
Little jade foxes with onyx-black peepers
Lick their thin lips with coquettish delight

Gathered in groups on a ruby-red shoreline
Tickled by tides from a cool methane sea
Dreamers and lovers share, shoulder-to-shoulder
Comet trails bright as their futures-to-be

Why should the aliens have all the pleasure
While we stand staring like dimwitted cows?
Planets change orbit for reasons less wondrous—
Make me your leader, dear. Come to me now!

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