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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

In-Your-Face Bravado

He rails at the camera
Putting himself out there
Expecting to be criticized
But sure of himself

He tweets to the masses
Stirring up the controversy
Expecting to be criticized
But ready to take it

He trashtalks his opponent
Risking embarrassment
Expecting to be criticized
But enjoying the game

Most of his opponents
Have "me, myself, and I"
But he's got
A big hulking ego
Guarding his back who
Expects to be criticized
And is ready to take it

Whether they admit it or not
His opponents are nervous
Because they
Expect to be criticized
If they lose…
And, unlike him, they're
Not ready to take it

Bravado is useless unless you
Expect to be criticized
And you're ready to take it

Are you ready to take it?

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