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Monday, October 15, 2012

Close Encounters at Gettysburg

Four score and seven thousand years ago,
I’m told some aliens brought forth upon this
Planet… us, conceived in secrecy and
Dedicated to the proposition
That they would return someday. As for us,
We now meet on a shifting battlefield
Where fact and fiction cannot be determined
With any certainty, nor can any
Indisputable evidence be found
To consecrate or denigrate such theories.
Some say that this task remains before us—
To resolve the questions left unanswered
By peoples who appear far more notably
Advanced than they should. The world has little
Memory of what really happened then,
But we cannot ignore the implications.
Will we become a planet under "gods,"
Our way of life replaced by government
Of the aliens, by the aliens,
And for the aliens from this day forth?
Or will we choose to rule our own future?
This much is sure: We can never forget
What a confusing mess our forefathers
Left for us to sort through and grouse about!

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