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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

To Hell with Caesar

Decided to have a little fun with a classic speech!
At the River Styx, Caesar and Charon
Stare coldly at each other. Caesar speaks:

Grim Roman countryman, bend me your oars:
Come you to ferry Caesar, or appraise him?
The evil chagrin felt by men postmortem
Bids goodly souls to shiver down their bones;
That shall not be with Caesar. Ignoble brute,
Gods told you Caesar was ambitious –
Know it is so; I’ll make a grave assault,
And gravely now will Pluto answer for it!
Here, underfoot of Pluto and the rest –
For Pluto is a goner, and his minions;
So are they all, all goners in the end –
Come I, not to sleep at Caesar’s funeral,
But soon to rise as Emperor of the dead!
I shall free many soldiers here from Rome;
Their ransomed souls my ghostly legions fill.
Does this in Caesar sound ambitious?
When at last the gods comply, I’ll accept;
Ambition ne’er was made of sterner stuff.
Then Pluto will know I was ambitious,
For Pluto is a goner, and his minions.
Then all shall see, though at the Lupercal
I thrice refused to take a kingly crown,
This one I shall take; THIS is ambition!
Yes, Pluto will say I was ambitious;
And sure, he is a goner, and his minions.
I do not speak to you what Pluto knows,
But here I speak to you what you know not:
That many loved me once – not without cause;
No cause will stop them now – they’ll follow me
In judgment of these gods, turned brutish beasts
T’ward men who act with reason. Bow to me!
Carry me, Charon, to my carrion throne
Or stand aside and let ambition reign!

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