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Friday, September 7, 2012

Sun Wukong vs. Godzilla

In China, Sun Wukong is the Monkey King,
Star of the epic "Journey to the West."
Besides the coincidental similarities
Between the names Sun Wukong and King Kong,
In Japan the Monkey King is Son Goku—
Yes, the name of the hero in the
Dragonball and DragonballZ cartoons.
For this epic battle I borrowed some of
Goku's enhancements to the Monkey King's weapons.
Godzilla is actually Gojira in Japan,
A name created from the words for
Gorilla and whale. Another happy coincidence!
The Monkey King versus the Sea Monkey—
It certainly makes sense to me.
The poem uses an Americanized version of
Japan's long poem form called the choka.
For this epic, I tried to use haiku-like images.

The Monkey King
Weary hero triumphant
Returns to China
Enlightened after struggles
Beach vacation
Basks in the sun for days
Breezes whisper
Ocean lapping shoreline
Peace at last
Heaven's true reward

Screaming villagers
Monstrous tidal wave rises
Simian sympathy
Rescue the hairless monkeys
Grow bigger
Lengthen golden staff
Slap ocean
Send wave outward
Tsunamis crash
Godzilla now visible
Monkey rage—
Repel invading islander!

Giants clash
Churning ocean battle
Movie roar
Atomic Godzilla breath
Wukong unharmed
Wearing dragon armor
Whirling staff
Airborne Godzilla tumbles
Mountain impact
Landslide buries landscape
Monkey whoops
Underestimates opponent

Brilliant sunburst
Landscape rains from sky
Godzilla loose
Wukong caught off-guard
Leaping lizard
A tail's as good as a staff
Spinning, sweeping
Monkey feet skyward
Godzilla kicks
Head; Wukong woozy
Monkey flung
High toward the clouds
Bad mistake
King of cloud traveling

Soft landing
Stormcloud catches Wukong
Zooms earthward
Pierces cloud with staff
Lightning erupts
Shocking turn of events
Godzilla staggers
Lightning bolts take toll
Wukong leaps
Kick to lizard's head
Grabs tail
One-way flight home
Monkey poses
Energy blast at target
Monkey leaps
As Godzilla splashes
Monkey drives
Staff into Godzilla's head
Staff drives
Godzilla into ocean floor
Another blast
Hole in floor sealed

China saved
Wukong hailed as hero
More sunbathing
Godzilla restrained until
Next Toho movie

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