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Monday, September 10, 2012

Sports Shrink

These days, all kinds of athletes make use of
Sports psychologists to improve their play.
Sometimes that creates other kinds of problems…

My knees grew wobbly down the stretch
As pressure slowly built.
I couldn't make the final shot;
The spotlight made me wilt.

My teammates said I had to choose—
Step up or warm the bench!
They called a sports psychologist
To get my teeth unclenched.

He told me I was good enough.
He said I was "the man."
He told me not to say "I can't"
But only say "I can!"

He had me chanting mantras that
Would build my confidence
And then we worked through roleplay games
To end my reticence.

My pre-shot preparation's now
The finest on my team;
My routines are meticulous,
The best you've ever seen.

But Coach has put me on the bench
And sent the sport shrink packing—
I now take thrice as long to miss
Those crucial shots I'm jacking!

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