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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Announcing the Pulp Poet Project

A blog is better suited to short pieces
Than to extended narratives – and still,
What poet doesn't want to spread his wings
And stretch the form? From Homer down to Byron,
From ancient Saxon bards to Ezra Pound,
The longer forms have beckoned every poet.

But times have changed and poetry has lost
Its mass appeal. The epics of the past
Seem slowly paced, and often self-absorbed.
To reach the modern world, the form must change.

But how? Is there a model we can use
To shape the form and make it more appealing?

A century ago the pulps were born.
Although some people scoffed, the masses came
And read enthusiastically. The pulps
Gave us a host of stirring characters,
Larger than life and all still celebrated
Long after their creators passed away.
They challenged the existing forms of prose
And forged a path still followed to this day.

Perhaps the time has come to blend these two –
The faster-moving pulp approach to story
Along with classic rhythms from the old
Epic forms. Our modern world moves quickly,
And such a blend might suit the modern reader…
Provided that a balance can be found.

And so I launch the Pulp Poet Project.
Each Friday I'll be posting new installments
Of this "poetic pulp," a tale continued
As I experiment with styles and forms
In search of more effective means for telling
A pulp-style story using modern verse.

The story, to be called Dogged by the Curse,
Will focus on a werewolf who becomes
A hero though conditions work against him…
And I can tell you little more than that!
Like writers spinning pulp tales long ago,
I'm working out this story "on the fly"
Using those techniques we know they used.
I may, from time to time, write extra posts
To let you know the rationale behind
Some choices that I did or didn't make.
(I'll still make normal posts on other days.)

With any project such as this, you should
Expect some changes as I go. Right now,
I haven't even made a final choice
To narrate as the werewolf or third person!
I wrote tomorrow's post both ways; the wolf
Won out this time. Perhaps you'll see some posts
Both ways; we'll have to see what works out best.

Installments will be called "Dogged by the Curse"
And followed by a number so you'll know
Their proper order. Each post will be tagged
"Dogged by the curse" to keep the entire poem
Within a single category. Once
The tale is done, I'll gather them together
And edit them into a single poem.

The project starts tomorrow… and I hope
You'll all enjoy this pulpish gothic tale.

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