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Monday, August 13, 2012

Swiggled by a Snoofus

A Dr. Seuss-inspired parody of Lewis Carroll's Jaberwocky.
BTW, "rufous" is a real word; it means "reddish in color."

I went to Bersnaggle
In search of the Snoofus –
A radishant creature
With feathers all rufous.
It quarbled my folks with
The claws on its peckles.
I vozzled a varbit
To pern its kerneckles!

I tracked it to Parzel;
From there to Lake Graggle;
The pipples it dropped
Led me straight to Bersnaggle.
The groach of its harbit
Meant no one could miss it…
And soon I stood facing
Its snarding derissit.

I pulled out my slaggish.
The Snoofus just furgled,
Its snarding derissit
Abrept as it snurgled.
My slaggish abrashed him
With brammish kurlotta;
I knew soon the Snoofus
Would paize his last brotta.

Enamished, I curded
To brash with my slaggish
When two tiny Snoofi
Appeared. They were daggish!
They mibbled, they nubbled,
They driggled and wozzled.
I had to petark them
In spite of my vozzle.

I looked at the Snoofus.
It no longer snarded;
Its parish derissit
Was almost petharded.
No longer enamished,
I veered from my varbit
And left them, all brotta,
Alone in their harbit.

But then, as I wandered
Away, I heard furgling!
The Snoofus and both of its
Snoofi were snurgling!
I rushed to the harbit,
My slaggish all curded –
But no one was there. I'd
Been swiggled! They verded!

So if you should ever
Encounter the Snoofus –
A radishant creature
With feathers all rufous –
Beware of its Snoofi!
Don't veer when they driggle…
And brash with your slaggish
Before you get swiggled!

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