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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Roomer Has It

Inspired by Adele's song "Rumour Has It."

So some of your stuff is missing
Haven't you heard the roomer
Talking about your stuff
Talking about how nice it is
Talking about how you've got too much for just one person
Everything's a trade-off
You let a stranger pay his way into your house
The roomer has it
He's the one who's taken your stuff

So some of your stuff is missing
It's hard to stop a roomer once he starts
No matter how careful you are
No matter how much you screen them
No matter how many questions you ask before you rent
Everything's a trade-off
If you want my opinion
The roomer has it
You're the one he's taken it from

There's no doubt about it
The roomer has it
And I want my stuff back before he takes it too

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