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Friday, July 27, 2012

Marin Made a Marinade

Marin made a marinade
To tenderize the chicken.
She promised us her spicy bath
Would make it finger-lickin'.

Her "hot tub" had a scorching mix
Of flavors so unstable
It bubbled like a cauldron when
She set it on the table.

With Habanero peppers and
Some fresh Tabasco sauce,
The rest of us just backed away—
We knew this cause was lost.

When Marin put the chicken in,
I'm sure I heard it moan!
Such cruelty's not something any
Good chef would condone.

In time, a saggy soggy fowl
Was lifted from her dipping.
Its baggy skin, like double chins,
Swung freely and was dripping.

We noticed, where the drippings splashed,
A puff of smoke would rise—
And then the bird exploded into
Flame before our eyes!

We tried a fire extinguisher;
The conflagration grew.
We called the fire department;
There was nothing they could do.

The State Department came and took
The marinade away.
Apparently such weapons
Aren't created everyday.

As thanks, we got a brand new house
And Mama loves the looks!
Their only stipulation is
That Marin never cooks.

So Marin changed her hobby and
She made not one complaint.
But now I've got to run—you see,
I've heard she's mixing paint!

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