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Saturday, June 23, 2012

A King, A Ring & That Failure Thing

The coronation finally came.
The Heat and Thunder clashed; the Heat survived
And standing there, the trophy hoisted high,
King James smiled broadly…
True and deep-felt joy upon his face,
The burden lifted.

Nine years without a ring—a travesty,
According to the press and fans. Nine years
Of setting records, dazzling fans,
Of building hopes and dreams. Nine years
Of disappointment, poorly-handled deals,
And fans betrayed by childish needs.
He stood condemned. Magnificence
Can be a two-edged sword at times.

Childishness and childlikeness
Sound similar, but aren't the same
And we adults confuse the two.
We tell our children "don't grow up too fast,"
Then drive their childlike innocence away
While clinging to their brattish side:
"Boys will be boys," we say.
We fool ourselves:
Their bodies grow but not their vision;
They play the man but never join the team.

When such a one stands up and owns his past,
Says publicly he's not enough—
He's failed both he and us, and must
Improve both on and off the court—
Then does so, is that not enough?
Doesn't he deserve a second chance?
He shocks the world with newfound grace;
Now poised, he bears the burden
Of a king with ease and kindness.
Is this the man once hated with such venom?
Maybe it's no longer he
Who needs to see the error of his ways.

With luck, a manchild grows to be a man…
And maybe grows into a crown.
It seems as if LeBron has been so blessed
And I for one will celebrate with him.
All hail the new-crowned king;
May he reign well and long.

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