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Friday, March 11, 2011

Will Is Taking a Sabbatical

Will's other projects are a test
And so he finds he needs some rest.
Perhaps his work has made you smile;
He hopes to be back in a while.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Perfect Spiral

A football horror story—appropriate
During NFL contract negotiations.

The after-game party
    Honored the quarterback—
Her quarterback, she thought
    As he entered the room.
She watched him as he moved
    From one group to the next.
Her breath caught in her throat
    As his dark eyes met hers.
She licked her lips; he winked,
    Just as her playbook said:
If she received his pass,
    She’d post the winning score.
The crowd thinned, but she stayed.
    Again their eyes met, and
He slipped through a side door,
    Pausing to smile at her.
Another wink; he was gone.
    Almost hypnotically
She followed his signals;
    Their scrimmage had begun.
She had to have him now
    And could wait no longer.
He left the door unlocked;
    She glanced behind her and,
Certain no one saw her,
    She quickly shuffled through.

Splitting the defenders,
    She hit the open field.

The dimly-lit stairwell
    Spiraled gently downward
And she clearly heard him
    Call the play: “Over here.”
Her reason was blurred by
    Cheap bourbon, but his voice
Echoed full and rich and
    More intoxicating…
Her evening gown clawed at
    Her high heels, threatening
To pitch her headfirst down
    The shaft; she didn’t care.
He would call the plays if
    She just brought the pom-poms;
That was all that mattered.
    She reached the end of the
Stairs, her eyes adjusting
    To the dim fluorescents,
And she saw him standing
    Just a few steps away—
His bright eyes luminous,
    His smooth voice hypnotic,
Arousing, narcotic.
    “I knew you’d come to me”
He said; her skin tingled
    As he reached toward her.

Her goal was within reach;
    Time for the extra point!

She too reached out, stumbling
    To him, hoping for sparks.
Instead, she gasped as his
    Icy grasp pulled her close
In a deathly huddle.
    He sniggered as he cracked
A fanged smile. “Last down, babe”
    He cooed, one chilly hand
Cradling her trembling neck;
    She felt his fingertips
Against its pulsating
    Jugular seam. She just
Stared, unable to cheer
    Or scream or even breathe;
The game wasn’t over.
    He completed his pass
And she scored brilliantly…
    But overtime is hell.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Golf Ball

Guided by dimples
Arranged in precise patterns…
But it still gets lost

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Where’d We Put the Plank?

The prisoner refused to talk—
Now where’d we put the plank?
Let’s take him for a little walk—
He’s got himself to thank!
We had him chained up in the hold—
Now where’d we put the plank?
But all we need’s a good blindfold—
He’s got himself to thank!

The water’s awfully dark and dank
But all his hopes of living sank
The day he said the captain stank—
Now where’d we put that plank?

Friday, March 4, 2011

Reflections on Myself

That guy in the mirror watches me
As I watch him. Together
We brush our teeth and comb our hair
And pluck unwanted lashes.
I wonder... does he think of me
As little as I think of him?
I see him but I really don’t;
He gazes back... but does he see?
I gargle and spit, look once again
To check my own appearance,
Then turn and leave, that guy forgotten.
I wonder... when I face my friends,
Do we see more than just reflections?
Do we take note of what is there
Or merely spit and comb our hair?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Last Sock

I hate it when this happens. A single
Sock remains, defiant, staring at me
From the dryer where I cornered her. She
Had a partner; they were seen together
Numerous times. Rumor has it they once
Took a tumble together, then paired off.
Perhaps their romance grew too static, and
She clung too tightly; but it’s more likely
She saw they were trapped, so she stayed behind
While he hotfooted his way to freedom.
A brave act, perhaps, but a foolish one;
The Bureau is hard on cases like her.
She’ll end up in solitary, sentenced
To hard labor polishing silverware.
As for him... I condemn his selfishness.
Wherever he’s gone, it’s not sock heaven.