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Sunday, February 27, 2011

And Suddenly Nothing

Elijah ran when Queen Jezebel said,
“You humiliated me, and now I’m
Going to kill YOU!” He ran to the wilderness
And begged God to kill him. Instead, God sent
Food to give him strength; then he ran to a place
Called Horeb, known as the mountain of God,
And hid in a cave. That’s when God asked him,
“Elijah, why are you here?” And he said,
“I’m the only one of your people left, and
Now she wants to kill me.” So God told him,
“Go stand on the mountain and watch what happens.”
So Elijah did, and the Lord passed by.
There was a horrible wind that tore down
Trees and split rocks, but Elijah didn’t
See God. Then there was a violent earthquake,
But he still didn’t see God. And then fire,
Roaring fire that consumed everything, but
Elijah still stood alone. And suddenly
Nothing was there but a light cooling breeze…
And God. Sometimes nothing is all we need.

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