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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wrap Stars

They’re casually seated beside the front doors,
Just waiting for shoppers to finish their chores.
Kind smiles greet each person who pauses to ask,
“How much is a wrap job? I can’t do this task!”
“Mere pennies,” they answer. A quick deal is made
And wizards with wrapping skills proffer their aid.
The air fills with rattles and crinkles and snaps
From bright-colored papers—mere seconds elapse
As objects concealed within boxes and tubes
Are gift-wrapped and taped. These aren’t blundering boobs!
Observers are stunned watching fleet fingers fly,
Amazed at the art work their money can buy.
Like that, blurs of ribbon form dazzling bows
Atop flashy packages. Everyone glows!
The wrap stars acknowledge the warm accolades,
Demurely deflecting the well-deserved praise;
And as grateful shoppers recede from their sight,
They yell, “Merry Christmas. Drive safely tonight!”

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