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Friday, November 19, 2010

Toadal Domination

When Moses went to Pharaoh
And told him, “Let my people go!”
Old Pharaoh just ignored him.
Then Moses turned the Nile to blood
So people couldn’t find a drink
And Pharaoh called his court magicians:
“Guys… a little help here?”
So they made bloody water too
And Pharaoh didn’t let his people go.

Hmmm… they made bloody water too.
Pharaoh’s answer: More bloody water…

A week went by, the Nile still bloody.
Moses went a second time
And got a second “no.”
“Ok,” he said, “this time it’s frogs.”
A zillion frogs made Egypt home
So Pharaoh called his court magicians:
“Guys… a little help here?”
And they made even more frogs come
So Pharaoh didn’t let the people go.

I sense a little problem here.
When Pharaoh called his court magicians
(“Guys… a little help here?”)
Shouldn’t they have solved his problems?
NO, they made them WORSE!
I think I would have fired them…

But this time Pharaoh showed some sense.
He summoned Moses, not his guys:
“Mo… a little help here?”
And Moses, just a little stubborn,
Told him, “Let my people go!”
“Ok,” said Pharaoh, “It’s a deal—
Just send these frogs away!”
And Moses asked a simple question:
“Tell me when; you set the time.”
And Pharaoh said… “Tomorrow.”


Although this happened eight more times
You needn't hear another word;
Right here you have conclusive proof
That politicians never change.

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