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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Warrior Race

Proud and defiant, he will not be beaten.
He stands on the battlefield, bloody and bruised
But undefeated. He didn’t want this battle.
He much preferred to stay at home and wrestle
With his children, basking in the warmth of love
And firelight, but ruthless forces threatened
To destroy his home and family. He vowed that
They would NOT succeed; he kept that vow. And now
He’ll cleanse himself; he’ll cast away the bloody
Remnants of this war, the memories of those
Who find no joy in life beyond destruction
Of all that makes a life worth living,
And go back home to those who yearn for him.
They’ll kiss his face and heal his wounds and love
His warrior heart. For men of peace are the true
Warrior race; love is their fiercest weapon,
And woe to those who try to tear it from them.

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