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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Luchador is the Spanish word for “wrestler”
And lucha libre is the style—“free wrestling.”

I wish I was a luchador
A star of lucha libre
I bet that I could find a suit
For sale somewhere on eBay

I’d wear a brightly-colored mask
With lots and lots of glitter,
A bright red cape, and silver pants
To set my fans atwitter

I’d call myself “El Grande Mas,”
The greatest of them all!
(Although I’d have to gain some weight—
Right now I’m pretty small)

My fans would scream with pleasure
As I stepped into the ring
I’d raise my arms and roar for them
(And maybe even sing)

Perhaps I’d taunt my foes with names
Before I beat them down
Then dance around the ring a bit
To celebrate my crown

Yeah, if I was a luchador
Each day would be a win
Instead of one big headache
Needing too much aspirin

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