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Friday, October 8, 2010


On days when I need big ideas
But don’t have any clues,
I seek some inspiration from
My HippopotaMuse.
Unlike some airy fairy, she
Has vision, style, and grace.
She brings me thoughts with substance—
You know, ones that take up space.

I’ve learned to bear her piggish looks
And love her toothy grin!
‘Cause when I need her help, I find
She’s eager to begin.
With shoulders broad and haunches stout,
She totes me till the end.
When I need help creating stuff,
On her I can depend.

Perhaps she’s not the prettiest
Of muses making rounds,
But when the rest won’t carry me
She never lets me down.
So I salute my trusty steed
Who never will refuse
To ride in search of new ideas—
Go, HippopotaMuse!

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