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Friday, October 22, 2010

The End of the Dinosaurs

Long ago, those ancient creatures
That we all call “dinosaurs”
Walked the earth, and recent Science
Found this telling dino score:

Intercontinental travel
Made them sick from “dino spores.”
Some believe infection killed them
As they dropped on dino shores.

No, it wasn’t asteroids—
Their big butts might get dino sore
But lack of soothing creams aren't lethal…
Though we’re sure they dino swore!

Runny noses drove them crazy;
Without any dino stores
To supply them, lack of tissues
Killed more prey than dino wars.

As horrendous noxious sneezes
Caused disease to dino soar
From one victim to another,
All fell dead as dino doors.

That’s what we see in the fossils
Left behind as dino spoor:
Stuffy noses made them blow it.
That’s the final dino score.

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