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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Where Trouble Grows

“Though affliction does not
Grow up from the dust, nor
Trouble spring forth from the ground,
Yet mankind is born
For the purpose of suffering,
As surely as sparks fly upward.”

When Job lay there suffering,
These were the words
His friend known as Eliphaz
Offered as comfort.
I doubt Job felt better
When offered the obvious—
Especially when those words
Said he’d done evil
And this was his punishment. Ouch!

And yet, there was truth there.
Suffering draws us
As moths to a flame
Or fish to a baited hook.
Though we don’t want it,
We cannot avoid it.
The most fertile field
Where trouble grows
Is the place where the living thrive.

And so, there is comfort
In knowing that suffering
Means that we’re living…
And knowing that growing
Is something that’s seasonal.
Where trouble grows now
Is the most fertile ground…
And soon trouble’s season
Will pass and the blessings will grow.

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