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They took my first book but now won't take new ones. (Go figure.)
Since Smashwords distributes my books to Apple anyway,
just go to my Smashwords author page and download EPUBs from there.
Smashwords provides samples of my books also.

Friday, September 3, 2010


We embrace, knowing this is the last time
We’ll see each other for a while. She sighs,
And tears dampen my shoulder. My fingers
Gently entangle themselves in her blond
Curls. I wish this could last a while longer…
But it can’t. We ease away from each other;
My fingers release her hair and lightly
Caress her cheek, down to her dimpled chin.
I tilt her head up and brush my trembling lips
Against hers. My fingertips linger, then
Fall away into loneliness once more.

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