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Friday, June 11, 2010

Soul (Slam-Influenced)

Yet another version of Soul, this one
Influenced by slam poetry. Searching
For the best is also an experiment.

I’m not alone. He's watching me every
Moment—I’m sure of it. He follows me
Around all the time so I decided
To catch him—me?—and prove once and for all
I’m not crazy, he’s there. I lunge at him,
Thinking my tackle’s good, but he slips through
My fingers without so much as a squish.
So the mystery remains: Just who is that
Guy constantly moving in the shadows
Just beyond my reach?
Scientists say he’s
My imagination; I'm nothing more
Than a splash of chemicals and some gooey
Jello making uncontrollable sparks.
But if that’s all I am—just a cosmic
Cocktail, neither shaken nor stirred by something
Transcendent—then why do I care he’s watching?

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