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Friday, June 25, 2010

The Meaning of NO

Funny how much we can say with only
Two little letters. IF carries all our
Hopes and dreams in a single resigned sigh
Or an optimistic outburst. UH says
Less about our confusion than about
Our general lack of interest. And then
There’s NO, so negative-sounding at first
And such an onerous burden for most
Of us to carry. And yet it’s the YES,
With its massively heavy third letter,
That yokes us in bondage and commits us
To following paths we soon grow to hate.
NO shuts off one path and leaves a thousand
More open for travel, while YES and its
Pathological desire to please picks
A single road at the expense of all
Other options. Does this mean NO means freedom?
I’m not ready to say that just yet, but
Perhaps we would all be better off if
We just learned to say NO once in a while.

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