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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How to Play Dominoes

I love dominoes. How about a game?
Shuffle ‘em up, and each of us draws seven.
I’ve got the biggest double. I go first.
Got one that matches? Lay it down, big boy;
My turn now. Ooh, I can play on that one. HA!
Your turn… well, that’s not so bad. Here’s my play—
WHAT?!? Where’d you get one of those? I’m gonna
Have to draw now… and again… and again…
At last, a play! Your tur—wait a second!
Another one?!? I have to draw again…
And again… There. That’s your play? Then here’s mine…
And yours… I draw one more… What? You’re all out?
Yeah, I know I have to count my stupid points…
I HATE THIS STUPID GAME! Whose idea was it, anyway?

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