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Friday, April 30, 2010

Future Tense

It’s natural to fear what lies ahead,
I guess. It doesn’t matter whether you’re
An optimist, or if you trust in Jesus;
Or if you think that scientific Fates
Will take our hand and lead us on to glory,
Or satyrs with atomic-powered charm
Will rape the earth and screw us all to hell;
Or if you think we’re helpless pawns, the victims
Of political intrigues beyond our grasp.
Regardless of your bent, remember this:
Our future tense will soon be present tense
And, later still, our past. And when that comes
To pass, will we still feel so tense? Perhaps;
But I suspect we’ll find another one,
Another future tense enough to chill us.
And if we do, I have to wonder… can’t
We thank our lucky stars we have a future?
Perhaps a future tense is still a good thing.

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