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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Area 51

The saucer flew dangerously close by
Before shattering against the doorjamb.
I chased the little alien down the
Hall, where he dove under his bed before
I could capture him. His little ray gun
Spat a sparkly stream of noises at me.
“Take me to your leader, Earthling, or we
Will destroy you!” he chanted nasally.
I knew those gray sleepers would be a big
Mistake, but it’s too late now. I went back
To the kitchen, where my wife was preparing
Green Jello and Martian-red rock candy
For a bug-eyed sleepover later on.
She smiled at me, made a Vulcan peace sign,
And murmured “Nanoo nanoo” in my ear.
My search for intelligent life will have
To begin in some other galaxy;
I’m not going to find anything like that here.

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