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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Upturned Palms

A brief meditation for Palm Sunday.

“The Master has need of it” said the man
As they handed him the frightened colt’s reins;
The mama donkey didn’t follow them.

The one they called Master stroked it and cooed
Quiet encouragement as He mounted.
The Master was its first burden, ever.

Its fear turned to excitement as it saw
The crowds of people walking and cheering
Alongside them. The Master’s voice calmed it.

Waving, beckoning, then spread on the ground,
Upturned palms gently cradled the colt’s hooves
As it made its first trip to the city.

Much too soon, the excitement was over.
The Master stepped down; the colt didn’t know
A burden awaited Him a week later.

All it knew was it was thirsty, and with
Upturned palms He offered it water, then
Fed it and returned it to its mother.

The Master had been no burden at all.
Even a simple colt could understand
Upturned palms as a way to bless others.

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