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Friday, March 19, 2010

To Hershey, My Special One

Inspired by an ingredient panel.

An ode to chocolates dark; I write this day
Of sweetness tinged with bitterness sublime,
Like life itself. You draw my hungry gaze.
Impassioned, overcome, I lust for you.
Despite your grams of fat – in number, twelve,
And of those, seven saturated are –
Yea, burdened though you be with sugared vice,
These you transcend; your soul is naught but health.
I revel in your fiber – healing balm
So swift to move, assuaging ills within!
The demon called Cholesterol you mock;
Freed from his grasp, I melt in your embrace.
Should I let fools deprive me of such joy?
Speak not such folly. Fill me now, my love!


  1. An Ode to such a sweeter thing cannot be made.
    You are hired fellow Will. Please write me an
    Ode to my newly found friend the burger.

  2. Dear lady, for your comments I give thanks.
    And as I have no beef with such fine food,
    I'll ponder your request, my thoughts digest,
    And see what ode of gratitude may come.


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