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Friday, March 5, 2010

Something Rotund in Denmark

Pacman portrays the drama of Hamlet.
An act in one play; ‘tis worth the quarter.

As I patrol the flick’ring castle walls
Within my kingdom, vigilant, cautious,
He comes to me and warns that dangers lurk.
My father wears a ghost of many colors
As he comes; nervously he shifts his gaze
From side to side. The colors tremble, blur
From one to many, to one again; then
He speaks. “Betrayed I was; insatiably
My hunger grew, and careless I became.
Prepare, my son; your course of action choose
Or die you will.” And as I brood, perplexed
By his decree, his colors ebb and flow
Around me, distinct now, and recognition
Comes too late – his murderers have left me
No escape. To be or not to be, there
Is no question; the curtain falls. GAME OVER.

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  1. You must have loved Shakespeare in school. You know him sooo well. You linked him to the dreaded Pacman so well also. Tis well worth your quarter to read.


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