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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Museless Thoughts

My muse refused to answer me today.
Her cold silence said, in as many words,
“Have your people call my people… later.”
Am I that much of a nuisance? Am I?
Perhaps I expect too much of her;
Perhaps her inspiration is limited.
Does a muse ever pause, furrow her brow,
And say, “Wow, I’m a clueless muse. What now?”
What does she do then? When the well runs dry,
Where does my muse find her inspiration?
Is there a book of musings, where museless
Muses find muse-y thoughts to muse about?
Or do they call 1 (800) MUSINGS,
Where muse operators are standing by?
Do they seek new companions at eMuse –
New friends to whom their old ideas seem new?
Or does she just sit back, amused at my
Apparent lack of creativity?
This problem has bemused me long enough;
I’ll just file it under “anonyMuse”
And seek some inspiration on my own.

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