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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mrs. Cain

A fairly self-explanatory tale.

“So Cain went out from the presence of God
To live in the land of Nod.” With his wife.
Many may question: Where did she come from?
But very few wonder: Where did she go?
We all know the story; perhaps she was bored.
God marked Cain – quite clearly – “Danger: BEWARE!”
But marked as a killer, the power of his
Darkness seduced her. She wanted him badly
And the gene pool was shallow; blindly she
Jumped in. How soon did she regret her choice?
The two got hitched; then, leaving home, they headed
East of Eden. Away from those she knew,
Life was tough. They had a son named Enoch.
Mr. Cain became a mover and shaker,
Built a city, named it after his son…
And Mrs. Cain was lost along the way.

Where did she go? She raised Cain’s son, and then…
Silence. Was she a liability?
Did she “vanish” because she knew too much?
Did he replace her with a trophy wife?
This much is very clear: He had so much
To save and she was so little to lose…

So this is the story of Mrs. Cain: She
Married a murderer, moved east of Eden,
Got knocked up with Enoch, and disappeared.
We all know the story. Is the story all?

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