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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dead Lion: Nemea

Today, the First Labour of Herakles
Was on my mind. I did violence to it.

Reported by the Nemea Gazette:
The Son of Zeus today was apprehended
By Nemean officials in a raid.
He claims he acted under royal orders…
But rumor says he poaches on the side.
“The lion that he murdered is the last
One of its kind. Will none protest this loss?”
Asked members of the Rights for Monsters League.
A spokesman said that Herakles was framed.

Tradition says the lion’s golden pelt
Bestows upon the wearer magic powers;
The hero had it girt about his loins
At his arrest. No bail bond has been set.
Arraignment will be held in the Agora
In a week. The public may attend.

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