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Sunday, February 28, 2010


For the victors of Haiti and Chile,
Who refuse to be beaten by hardship.

Foundations of our world are shaken… hard.
The bedrock cracks; Chile heaves, Haiti weeps
As frightened people stagger in its wake.
Many die. Although it was the earth’s fault
That crumbling walls on unseen dangers built
Collapsed and, with them, our illusions took,
We censure God; then we, defiant, build
Our world anew. Is this our fault, or glory?

Weep, weep for the fatherless, my siblings;
Rise to their aid and comfort them, my family.
Remember where the true fault lies… and pray
For strength, for wisdom, for compassion; for
Though we may be shaken, we are not crushed.
Here, in our spirits, Nature’s true force lies.

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